Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Travel Question

I wondered about the time travel aspect of this book and Stephanie's preoccupation with it.  I asked her exactly what being able to time travel would mean to her.  This was her response as of today.

"The concept of time travel ties together a bunch of conundrums that I like to wrestle with, and they all lead back to the mass-energy-time-perception continuum.  Time, in itself, is perplexing.  I’m pretty sure that time isn’t linear in the grand scale.  I’m also pretty sure that there is no beginning or end to “time”.  I imagine time to be like a donut shaped tesseract that keeps turning inward upon itself.   I like to play around with thought experiments like Young’s double-slit experiment and Einstein’s train and platform experiment.

I’m fascinated by simultaneity and the fact that “time” can’t really ever be measured accurately.  My curiosity was kicked into high gear when Sayid from LOST explained how to triangulate a signal, and it made me realize that it is impossible to know when and where you are unless you can be simultaneously aware at three (ideally four) different places at the same time. And that made me wonder if all electrons and photons are like the Borg.
That’s really what I wonder about – is it bad for the psyche to wonder about the Borg."

I try my hardest to forget about the Borg, Steph.  

I would like to point out that Stephanie actually copied and pasted the Einstein's train and platform experiment section from the link I added into her response to me.  She did not just give me the link.  I did it like that.

She often includes such things because she likes to back up her thoughts with any research she has done.  

But me as her cosmic pal, I want to cut to the chase and just hear her words and ideas as they stand on their own.  So you blog readers can choose if you read any links I add. 

But, I think Stephanie's words stand alone.  

I also asked Stephanie.  If you could time travel THEN would you be happy?
"I already am happy :).  I’m not so much in the mood to time travel right now, I just like thinking about the concept of time travel.  I think that pondering it is probably much more enjoyable than actually doing it."

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