Monday, May 14, 2012

Math Revisted

I asked Stephanie last week if she thought the universe was made of math.  Well, now that she has had time to think about it she'd like to add some more info to the math thingy.  

Here's the deal:

You had asked if everything was math, and I said no, that math describes everything, but maybe the answer should be that recurring patterns, like the fibonacci sequence's golden spiral and the golden ratio, and constants like pi, are the glue that binds together the inter-relatedness of everything.

In 2003, Volkmar Weiss and Harald Weiss analyzed psychometric data and theoretical considerations and concluded that the golden ratio underlies the clock cycle of brain waves.[52] In 2008 this was empirically confirmed by a group of neurobiologists.[53]
In 2010, the journal Science reported that the golden ratio is present at the atomic scale in the magnetic resonance of spins in cobalt niobate crystals.[54]
Several researchers have proposed connections between the golden ratio and human genome DNA.[55][56][57]
However, some have argued that many of the apparent manifestations of the golden mean in nature, especially in regard to animal dimensions, are in fact fictitious.[58]
 The golden ratio is also used in the analysis of financial markets, in strategies such as Fibonacci retracement.

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