Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Up with the Next Book?

I've been working like crazy to promote Scarlet Begonias - it's official publish date was 4/20/2012.  Marketing isn't my style though, so I think I'm going to outsource the task to professionals.
The new book will be a semi-sequel.  I'm going to keep many of the concepts from Scarlet Begonias, but the plot and all of the characters will be different, at least in the beginning of the book, I haven't decided yet.

These are the aspects that I'm going to carry over:
     The Dreamscape - Overlapping dimensions of simultaneous perception.
     The Noumenon - The nexis of omnicience at the center of the dreamscape.
     The Qualia Spectarum - The map which specifies perceptual coordinates within the Dreamscape.
     The Ouisa - An elixir for accelerated evolution.
     The Denjee - a device, similar to a set of acoustic mirrors which harnesses the infinitesimal drifting mass of the International Prototype Kilogram and focuses it into itself (like an orobourus) transforming it into infinite energy.  This focused energy doesn’t travel with a velocity (d/t) which approaches the speed of light, but instead, it vibrates and activates a specific coordinate on the evolution dream-map.  The coordinate represents a super-dimensional fold woven into the phase-cancelled, negatively-curved music of space-time.  The Denjee uses focused infinite energy to vibrate an imaginary frequency, deeply nestled within the phase-cancelled luminosity-time continuum, which tempers (or tunes) the universal music, birthing new perceptual overtones.  These new evolutionary overtones are transits into the specified perceptual dream-map coordinate.
     The Helping Friendly Book - A book of rules for unraveling the ego - a prerequisite for entering the dreamscape.
The plot will be a conspiracy-theory to hide the unpredictable nature of the Ouisa which has been hijacked by the Inter-dimensional Bureau of Weights and Measures.  Prime number patterns, pressurized vacuums (I'm still researching this concept), dark matter and Lorentz butterflies will play key roles in the story which will further explore the limitations of measurement.

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