Thursday, June 7, 2012


I asked Steph what unique characteristics / quirks make her who she is.

Trivial Pursuit Question:
In what year was the 200,000,000 baby born in the United States.
Answer: 1967
It was me (and 4 others born at the same time). I had a full page spread in the December 1967 issue of Life magazine.

Physical quirks:
I have a strong aversion to metal. I can’t stand the smell and the sound it makes when it touches other metal. It makes me cringe, and my teeth hurt.  ME TOO!!!

I was a cigarette smoker for 20 years.  Now I’m not and can’t imagine ever liking it. It is an evil addiction.

I don’t like the smell of laundry detergent, fabric softener or flowery perfumes.  ME TOO!!!

Some part of my body is always in pain. I like to imagine what someone else would do if they hopped in my body for a minute. Would they be like “wholly shit, I’d freak out if my back felt like this all of the time”?

I have a hard time finding shoes and clothes that feel good.

I am controlling
I hate conflict
I am rational
I’m OK being wrong as long as the other person is right beyond a shadow of a doubt
I have a shitty memory

Who am I like?
If I were a Star Trek character, I’d be half Vulcan and half Betazoid.

More than 50 people have told me that I look like Darlene from the Rosanne show.

I want to figure it all out:
I want to discover the overlooked dimension that unifies relativity and quantum physics. I haven’t taken a physics class in over 20 years. You should ask me a question sometime about the things I want to know.

I want to figure out the pattern of the primes. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with complex numbers (ai + b), trigonometry and harmonic overtones.

I wonder if the pressure of a vacuum is variable.

I don’t get organized religion:
Why do Christians join the army? Would Jesus fight for freedom or would he go offer bread and wine to the unenlightened.

Why do sports teams have a group prayer before a big game?  Doesn’t it become a battle of faith, not skill then? Is it possible to pray harder than the other team?

What the heck do Jewish people believe? I can’t ever get a straight answer.  you being raised Jewish?

I was once in a Castaneda stalking group (kind of like a religion). I had a squabble with its leader, became disillusioned, and quit. I later found out that he was paying Cleargreen, Inc. to tell him what to say to the group.

I hated the religious part of yoga and had a hard time chanting to Hindu deities. But I sang Bach’s b-minor mass and Mozart’s Requiem in college and didn’t have a problem with it. Weird.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I trained at an ashram in India for four weeks.

I am two classes away from being a certified Shiatsu practitioner.
I have a rank of 1409 on (but I believe that 1200 is probably more accurate).

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